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Can an unsecured business loan help your business grow?

With the markets now stabilising after a ‘tricky’ political period businesses have now began investing again, from advertising, stock increases and recruitment – companies from multiple sectors are hoping to capitalise on the recovery.

With many businesses hoping to secure cheaper finance to assist, could unsecured business finance be the product for yours?


  • No deposit – Ironically, some products can only be accessed once a despot has been made. With an unsecured business loan this isn’t the case. Any fees are taken at drawdown.
  • Quick access to finance  – Turnaround times, since then arrival of new tech, i.e. auto decisions, means turnarounds times can be hours as opposed to days.
  • Building credit – Unsecured business loans can be accessed and used to rebuild your business credit profile. Once a product is secured, as long as regular payments are maintained, the business credit profile will improve dramatically.
  • Flexible finance – Top up facilities, based on repayment history, is readily available and easily accessible.

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